Tennis with Nina offers junior tennis coaching from ages 3-16

Starting with tots tennis at ages 3-5, I can work your child through the stages of mini tennis.

Traditionally the mini tennis pathway starts with Tots tennis (ages 3-5), then Mini Red from 5-8, Mini Orange (8-9) and Mini Green (9-10). From 11 years old you will play yellow ball which adults play. I have worked with number one ranked players across many of these age groups that have gone on to play at high levels throughout the UK and Spain.


Mini Tennis Stages

Blue Stage (Age 4-6)… This is your child’s introduction to tennis. This will help improve their balance, agility, and coordination while playing the game of tennis that we love. At this stage, it’s all about getting to grips with the basics and having fun.

Red Stage (Age 6-8)… With rallies, volleys, and overarm serves, this looks more like the tennis you know. I will help further develop your child’s coordination, balance, and speed. Relaxed competition starts at this age.

Orange Stage (Age 8-9)… Time to start adding tactics, more technique, and a lot more footwork. Your child will know all the rules of tennis at this age and will be serving and returning in matches. Competition is still relaxed but getting a bit more serious than red.

Green Stage (Age 9-10)… Things are getting more serious. Your child will play on full-size courts, the ball is heavier, the other children and bigger and stronger. Now it’s all about covering the whole court and refining the techniques you’ve learned so far.

Yellow Stage (Age 10+)… This is it, you will. be playing on a full-size court with the same balls the pros use. The game is much more physical and we’ll work on your fitness, technique, strategies, everything.

I was a top ITF player and went through all of these stages. I can guide you through these stages and help you to achieve your maximum potential.

Junior Courses

Our courses are a fantastic way to train and compete with players of a similar level whilst gaining some fantastic coaching advice from our qualified coaches.

Beginner:  These courses are intended for players new to tennis or those who may struggle with the fundamentals, such as forehand & backhand technique and consistency. Coaching instruction utilises drills & games to slowly introduce and teach players the basics, including stroke production, serving and keeping score.

Beginner/Improver: These courses are ideal for anyone returning to play after a long break or taking up tennis for the first time. Game based learning is used to emphasise basic stroke production. This includes forehand & backhand groundstrokes, serve & return of serve and volley & smash techniques. Games and point-based scenarios are used to reinforce technique, introduce basic tactics and strong scoring systems.

Intermediate: These courses are for more experienced players who want to gain consistency. Players at this standard will have a basic skill base and will probably have played tennis for some time. As a guide, you should have sufficient skill to be able to: consistently rally to 10 from the baseline using forehands and backhands, serve overarm, volley and smash with 60% efficiency.

Advanced: This course is for players who have played a lot of tennis over the years and play regularly. You can rally consistently and create opportunities to win points off of both your forehand and backhand. You can serve, volley and smash with confidence. You compete regularly or desire to do so.

Private Lessons


Group lessons are great but for maximum results, private one-to-one coaching lessons are the way to go. In this setting, the entire focus is improving your child’s techniques, movement, fitness, and tactical play. I have coached privately for over a decade and my players can attest to my methods.

All payments are made directly to me. Most parents book lessons in blocks (10 lessons). I coach primarily at Craiglockhart Leisure Centre but can coach elsewhere if a court is provided at your cost.

Lessons are for one player only. If you wish to add additional players, for example, two siblings in one class, there is an extra charge of £5 per player.

If sessions are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, payment is liable in full.

Adult Drill Sessions


A number of my players, as well as receiving private coaching, play in performance squads. I love working with players of all ages and abilities but my real passion is coaching players who want to compete and win.